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Heas Energy Acquires Express Lane Stores

RICHMOND, Va. — Heas Energy Services LLC has entered into an agreement to acquire the long-term leasehold and business interest in 10 gas station and convenience-store sites in central Virginia. It is rebranding the fuel and c-stores to 76 and 7-Eleven, respectively.

The network of stores is tightly clustered around the Lynchburg, Va., trade area. The chain consists of eight company-operated c-stores that operate under the Express Lane brand and two locations that operate under the commission agent class of trade.

The retail network was previously operated by a local ExxonMobil petroleum distributor and c-store operator.

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Jul 08, 2023

Thomas terrace is not the same. That manager woman ain't worth a crap she talks to everyone aweful, she has lost all the employees that was there when David owned the stores, she walks round on a phone when she's not talking bad to her employees or out side smoking. The deli has took a big aweful mess. Dryed out food. Microwaving hot dogs at night. It's ridiculous. It's rally run down now. It's a

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